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Serving Our Community

I help Home and Community Service Agencies track and collect service reimbursements faster so that they can increase revenue and monthly cash flow by 25% with organized financial strategies and monthly bookkeeping.

Our Services


Let's get your financial records organized! Our bookkeeping services are for the business owners who want to know the driving factors of their company's profit and equity by easily identifying monthly, quarterly, and annual trends.

AMA Consultation

Do you have questions? We realize that not every business owner is in need of a full time accountant, but may still have unanswered questions about business, tax, and accounting Strategies. We will even hope on your QuickBooks Online software with you virtually and provide step by step assistance. Let's talk about it!

Accounting Strategies

Our Accounting and CFO strategies are designed for business owners who not only want to recognize and understand how their company is performing currently but who also want to know where their company is going by setting forecasting predications.

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